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As a life-long resident of Kansas, I attended Wichita public schools and Friends University earning my Bachelors and Masters degrees.  This is my 19th year of teaching in Wichita Public schools where I have been an elementary teacher, peer consultant and middle school history teacher.  My two oldest children attend college and my youngest is in eighth grade.

One of my earliest political memories is when I debated as Geraldine Feraro in middle school.  We ended up winning the debate and I have been supporting those same views ever since.

Since then I have been actively involved in many campaigns in my community--canvasing the neighborhoods, working in calling banks, and stuffing envelopes.  

It would be an honor to represent District 87.  The decisions of the Legislature impact a citizens standard of living on a daily basis.  The negative effects of the Brownback administration and the Republican led congress have been devastating for the people in Kansas; we CANNOT continue down this path.  My vision for Kansas will return our state to a place where ALL Kansans can prosper and be proud of their state.

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